When to Start Training a Puppy

When to Start Training a Puppy – Train The Little Paws Of Your Pup

What did you say? Did you bring a fluffy puppy to your house? Woah! It’s going to be exciting. Having a little friend around you who keeps strolling everywhere, sits on your lap to make you feel good is fantastic. But don’t you think training a puppy will be a challenging task for you? of course it’ll be!

Listen, no doubt the puppies learn most of the skills from their moms, but if you’ve brought your pup at such an early age, you’re going to be the parent of him as you’ll be responsible for his acts and deeds. Most of the owners bring their puppies before they turn six weeks. This is why they need to train them.

Training a puppy will introduce you to many interesting facts to know about your pet. The most appropriate time to teach your little puppy is after eight weeks. But don’t be afraid to train him when you start teaching the basics of life.

Best Age to Train a Puppy

No doubt a puppy is a source to your ultimate snuggles and laughs. They’re favorites of your toddlers. It’s better to take account of the perfect age limit before heading to train a puppy. The answer of the question of when to train a puppy lies in different forms.

The type of training depends on the age of your dog. Most new and first-time pet owners often mistakenly choose the wrong week to train their puppies, thus end up getting frustrated.

Let’s discuss a brief overview of the perfect age with the right kinds of training.

· Teach Obedience: Start from 7 to 8 Weeks

Manners stick to the dogs till last. But the bet is you’ve to teach all the necessary methods at a relatively early age. Don’t you practice socializing with your newborns to make them more active? Of course, you do! Quite similar to that, basic commands like “sit” and “stay” should be taught at the age of about 6 to 7 weeks.

The Best Part?

This age is also the best time to introduce your puppy to new people and their pets. The more he interacts, the more he’ll perform. Bring him to a new environment to boost up his activeness.

1. Teach Basic Manners and Name Recognition: Start from 8 to 10 Weeks

Most often, puppies love to be called by their names. But how can you make them recognize their name? Train them! Many basic manners such as potty training, socialization, crate training, and response to the obedience commands are the essential part of a puppy’s training. But start slowly.

Teach the basic manners of potty training when he turns eight weeks or more. Try to evolve their senses by bringing some of their food in your hand. Make them smell and watch whether they respond to you or not. Call him by his name. This will make him recognize his short name after some time.

2. Introduce Impulse Control: Start from 10 to 12 Weeks

Puppies are generally productive and excited all the time at an early age. But you’ve to teach them manners to eat, sleep and behave. Practice controlling the impulse of your puppy by bringing him the food and not allowing him to eat.

An Exciting Part?

For making him more obedient to you, introduce a leash and harness. You’re not going to use the saddle all the time, but tie the harness to him whenever you go out. Plus, introduce some productive toys to your puppy as well to make him more active than before.

3. Practice Stay and Leave Commands: Start from 3 to 4 Months

No doubt it’s quite relaxing to see your little fluffy pet growing so fast. But at the same moment, train him to some extra level. Start to introduce the stay and leave commands to your puppy. Command combination with multiple tasks will bring the qualities of multitasking and a better understanding of your puppy.

Don’t you want to have a puppy who takes the idea of your commands in seconds without any delay? If so, focus on some words like sit, stay, down, come, and go. Keep him engaged by giving several tasks. Plus, give him some lessons without giving him treats. This act will make him more responsive to you and prevent him from becoming ignorant.

Short Tips for Training Your Puppy

People usually get bewildered when it comes to starting the training of their little fluffy pup. But there’s no need to bother about it. Just treat him like a child and go on slowly. You can make a puppy training schedule for introducing new habits to him every day.

Precisely like the dog you’ve envisioned in your mind, your puppy can become a mature dog only if you tell him tricks to follow. We’ve gathered some of the best tips you should follow before starting to train your puppy.

· Have Patience and Be Confident

Just imagine a kitten figuring out the world just after its birth, same like this a puppy is immature and learning to understand the ambiguous place- the world. There’re many possible chances that you may get frustrated with his training.

Take time to communicate with your little fluff. Begin the training by teaching him about small things.

· Teach, Teach, Teach

You’ll understand the real means of teaching when you start training a puppy. After choosing when to train a puppy, figure out what you’ve to teach him. Apply more and more practices for his better performance.

· Give Him Rewards

Puppies and dogs love to earn a reward at the end of the task. So if you give a small treat to your puppy after accomplishing the task, it’ll make him involved in you more.

Have Fun With Your Pet!

A pet is an absolute way to divert your mind from anxiety and everyday tasks. Bringing a puppy to your house is the best investment you can do but don’t forget to introduce him to basic training. All the practices mentioned are best for the betterment of your kiddo!