When the weather starts changing and your dog is feeling dry, you should call your vet. Minor symptoms in changes in dogs’ health can cause serious medical conditions, and if you do remedies and treatment of the dog yourself at home, it can cause more serious conditions. But if your dog has minor changes like dry skin or upset stomach, then home remedies can be useful, and some of the remedies are discussed in this blog. 

1.   Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that helps to fight against aging. When your dog’s skin is getting dried so you can give your dog the benefits of Vitamin E oil, it gives your dog protection against ultraviolet radiations, and it protects your dog from harmful rays when he spends a lot of time outside the house. 

2.   Electrolyte-Replacing Liquids for Diarrhea

Electrolyte replacing fluids not only provide benefits to athletes for rehydration, to babies for recovering from illness, but it also provides benefits to your dog who is sick and getting his skin dried due to dehydration and loss of electrolytes and fluid in his body. This condition can cause diarrhea also. Electrolyte replacing fluids will help your dog to gain the essential fluids in the body.

3.   Yogurt for Dogs

Yogurt is a healthy treat for your dog. It treats many liver diseases because it contains probiotics. It helps keep the dog’s bacteria in a balanced amount, but the digestive system of the dog is different from humans. The supplements that contain probiotics can be obtained from any vet, but it is recommended to give yogurt to your dogs. Yogurt also treats dry skin of skin.

4.   Chamomile tea for dry skin irritation and upset stomach

Chamomile helps to reduce the inflammation and soothes the stomach itching in dogs. It decreases cramps and muscle spasms. It reduces the inflammation of the intestinal lining. You can give chamomile by adding it to your dog’s food, water bowl, or you can give it by syringe via the mouth. 

5.   Oatmeal for Skin

If the dog has dry skin or itchy skin, then you can feed him with oatmeal. It helps to soothe itchy or dry skin. It contains ingredients like phenol and avenanthramides, which acts as anti-inflammatory agents. Grind the oatmeal and make a fine powder and then mix it in water and apply it on dry skin or inflamed areas of the dog. You can also add oatmeal to the bathtub and soak your dog in the tub for 10 minutes. 

6.   Epsom Salt

You can use Epsom salt, which reduces the itching and sore muscles because it contains magnesium. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which treats dry skin. It reduces the pain and helps in the healing of wounds. You can use it for your dog if it has itching or dry skin. 

You can mix the Epsom salt in a Luke warm water and soak your dog for almost 10 minutes. Repeat this at least three times a day.