As a human, do you feel guilty when you eat three times a day, and your dog eats only a scoop of dry kibble? You should know how much your dog can eat. There are many healthy ways by which you can feed your dog. Some of the methods are tips are discussed in this blog. 

1.   Let your dog decide

Dogs who are healthy and have face no accident outside the house; then you can feed them freely by any feeding method. You can leave the dog and let your dog graze the whole day. It is a good method for healthy and active dogs. If you want to choose this method, then leave dry food near your dog so he can graze the whole day without spoiling the food. If you have a nursing dog, you should feed by the free choice method because they need calories to produce more milk for their puppies. 

Cons: The disadvantage of this free choice method is that when you leave the food for the whole day, the food can attract other insects, racoons, and rodents also. This will happen when you feed your dog outside, so you should take care of this thing. 

2.   Control portions

If you have a dog who never stops eating, then you should use the control portions method. For this method, you have to know about the ideal weight of the dog from your vet. If you are giving commercial food to your dog, then feed according to the amount mentioned on the bag as per the dog’s weight. Sometimes, on some bags suggested amount is more than your dog’s needs, so you should calculate it according to the weight of your dog. 

You can feed the dog twice times a day. The intervals should be 8-12 hours. You can split the amount of food into two portions. 

3.   Follow the Clock

If your dog does not too much food and does not want to leave the food for the whole day, you can use a timed feeding way. It means that you can leave a certain quantity of food near your dog for 30 or 60 minutes. When the time is up, you can throw the remaining food. You can serve the food at different time intervals, and at that time, the dog will be hungry.


You can make your dog’s treat 5%-10% less than the daily feed of the dog. You can ask about the number of treats from the vet. Treat for the dog is based on the dog’s weight and how much it is involved in playing or different activities. 

The dog looks great, but they are hungry.

If you feed the dog according to the portion mentioned on the bag and still your dog is hungry, you should feed them more. But some dogs are overweight, and they remain hungry all the time. You have to use diet food in that case.

Feeding method should change if:

  • Your dog is pregnant.
  • The weather is changing
  • Your dog is recovering from injuries or infections.